Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Task after task after task..

January is an interesting month for me.  It is a time to set goals and resolutions, but it is also the darkest and coldest time of the year.  It's also tax time.  So for me, I am dealing with 2 business taxes and then personal taxes.  It consumes my thoughts until I get it done.  Taxes, Taxes Taxes!  I can see the end of the tunnel, I am just not sure yet if it is a train.

Today, I did my grocery shopping at Sam's Club.  That was an interesting experience.  Buying in bulk supposedly is saving my time and money.  I desire both.  With both Brian and I eating much healthier, here are the items that I bought today for record:

Beef Jerkey
Chicken Breasts
Frozen Fruit
Roast Beef
Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat tortillas
Brussel sprouts
Sugar Free Pudding
Baked Lays
Rotisserie Chicken

I also found the cutest bag for my scriptures and church.  I LOVE IT!! So much better than my purse.  So now the budget is done, the groceries are bought, I can focus on my lesson for Sunday and finish up those dang taxes. 

I had a small melt down on the phone today.  I was talking with Brian and he wanted me to set aside money in the near future towards the house.  I cried because I couldn't take one more task to my list.  You know what task is bothering me the most?  I can't get a hold of one of my ladies for Visiting Teaching.  Help me out here!  I am sad, I also lost Kim Simmons as my VT and haven't heard from anyone new.  Kim came and visited me last week, just in case.  I have really loved her.  So bummed!

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