Monday, January 3, 2011

Let the Games Begin

I was dreading this day because everything in my life came back in full force.  There was no time to sit and just be and I had to delegate a little bit because I just did not have enough time in the day.  Sometimes I wish we had a few extra hours in the day.  Also the energy for those hours.  Today I accomplished the following:

Worked out
Made Shae Lunch and Breakfast
Made my breakfast
Downloaded 2 softwares.
Did my hair.
Did Shae's hair.
Did my make up and got dressed.
Loaded my car with things I needed today.
Drove Shae to school.
Stopped at Harmons and Kneaders for Randy's Christmas present.
Went to work.
Did Payroll.
Organized my to do list for work.
Worked and cleaned out filing cabinets.
Left work for home.
Ate lunch
Handled budget and paid bills.
Tried to get EFTPS going for Rentmeister Construction
Went to the Bank
Went to Target for groceries and medicines.
Picked up kids from school.
Came home and ate until Alexa showed up.
Worked with Alexa for an hour on her Personal Progress
Went grocery shopping
Ate Dinner
Taught Family Home Evening
Read 18 pages of Book of Mormon while Brian helped Shae with her homework and spelling.
Read 10 pages of Jesus the Christ.
Writing in Journal (now)
Wash Face and say prayers
Go to bed.

BLAH!!  That was one day and I am exhausted just reading it.  My to do list is still half full, but I know that I am getting a ton done.  Such is life!

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