Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am Truly Blessed

The last few days, I have had an overwhelming feeling of peace.  I am so grateful for this week and the different events I have been able to go to.

Monday night, we went grocery shopping for FHE.  Hey, sometimes that is just the way it works out, especially if the week is busy for me.  We mainly shopped for Brian.  He has now started training with Wes.  As of today, he has already lost 2 lbs.  Go Brian.  I cannot belive how much meat we have to buy.  I have come to the conclusion, that it is best to buy it in bulk at Sam's Club.  Oh, the joys of bulk buying! 

Tuesday night, we had our RS Enrichment night on baking bread.  I bake bread, I'm just terrible at it! HA!  I enjoyed the instruction and the company, but I left a little discouraged as to my abilities and lack of equipment.  They say that everything is in its seasons.  Baking bread right now, I close that chapter for a little while.  Kristen and I were going to go to Yogurtland afterwards, but decided not to, as it was 14 degrees outside. 

Last night, I went to my wards New Beginnings.  I earned my Honor Bee!  HOORAY!!  Honestly, the greatest joy I got out of the evening is not receiving the bee, oh alright, it did give me the giggles.   But the most joy was seeing Alexa gleam as she had earned her own YW Medallion.  That was awesom!!  We are taking her to the Roof to celebrate on Saturday night.  We are all excited to celebrate her hard work!!

Tonight, I am off with  my favorite ladies to celebrate Kristen's birthday!  I really enjoy the company and I am so looking forward to a little time with the girls.

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