Friday, January 7, 2011

I am Most Effective When I Ask the Lord for Help!

Today has been yet again another busy day.  I am simply blown away with all that was done and yet I give all credit to my Heavenly Father.  When I have busy days I always humbly ask for help.   When I am smart enough to do this, I am blown away with what is accomplished.  Here is my list for today:

Wake up at 5:30
Read scriptures and Jesus the Christ
Get Shaeler ready for school
Make breakfast and Shaeler's lunch
Take the girls to school
Visit Wes and get weighed in and new menu
Go work out for an hour
Receive a box full of pictures from my mom and talk to her on the phone for an hour.
Start Laundry
Cleaned kitchen
Eat lunch
Power Nap
Clean the entire rest of the house
Take Shae to piano lessons
Clean out closet in front bedroom (Organize file cabinet, Christmas wrapping and ribbons)
Make Dinner
Make and Bake Sugar Cookies
Bank credit cards
Write this journal entry

The box of pictures my mom sent me was like going down memory lane.  The pictures I enjoy the most to look at are of the ones from when I was a child.  I dont really enjoy my baton pictures and my teenage years so much.  But my childhood brings me great joy to look at a relive the memories.  Thank you mom for sending me these pictures.  It was a very kind gesture and I will treasure the memories.

Had my cheat meal tonight of pizza, cookies and ice cream.  It was delicious!

I also downloaded a new software called Dragon. It allows me to speak into a microphone and not have to type at all. In fact, I'm using it even now. I will just say that it is totally awesome. It is definitely a learning process though.

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