Thursday, January 6, 2011

The check list is diminishing!

Brian bought us both new phones this last December.   The calendar with google that we can sync with each other was well worth the money, heck I would have paid bigger bucks for the open communication that is going on.  He adds something, I get updated.  I add something, he gets updated.  It is totally AWESOME!

One of the applications I added to my phone is a To Do List Manager.  I am a check off girl.  As the week began, I had so much on my plate that my list had 18 items.  I left off my everyday stuff just so I wouldn't overwhelm myself.  At the beginning of the week, I slowly check items off.  I could see the end of the tunnel, I just wasn't quite sure if it was a train yet.

I have 2 items left on my list.  Suzanne is on FIRE!!  I am accomplishing so much in my life, I am simply blown away.  HOWEVER - I am also super tired.  Where is the balance?  Much to do, very little energy to do so.  Doesn't matter, I feel in control of my life and my brain is a lot free-er to think openly.  I tell ya, I fall asleep like the drop of a hat because my brain is not carrying the to do lists in my mind.

Last night I had another dream about having a baby.  Didn't know I was pregnant and BAM!  I had a baby of my own.  Last night's child was a little boy and it seemed to have a little ethnicity to him.  I was overwhelmed with emotion holding this boy in my arms.  It was meant to be and he was exactly where he was suppose to be.  It was pure happiness.  Perhaps this is one of my millenial children?  That would be great, but explain to me the ethnicity background?  Brian is pure Belgium and German.  I am English, Scottish and something.  Either way, his name was Travis Wake Rentmeister.  I know!  Very weird.   He was beautiful and he was mine and it was a glorious dream. 

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