Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, A New Day!

2011 has come and I am very excited for what the year brings.  2010 was a fabulous year, even though we had some scary moments and crazy adventures, I accomplished a lot of my goals.  Some of the things that will stick out in my mind the most for 2010 will be:

1.   I planned a Youth Conference and Co-chaired a successful part of the Youth Conference event.  I got to play Mary of Magdelene in the production and we used the "Walk with Christ" theme.

2.  I found some inner peace with myself and my life.  Hooray!

3.  I lost 40 lbs in one year.

4.  I am finding an inner peace with my sugar addiction.  Working on it, but getting there.  I am sucessfully fasting also.  Not getting as angry and I belive this is due to not having the sugar drops.

5.  All of the trials with Brian.  His kidney stones, his near death, his anal abcess, his anger and contention, and destressing him.

6.  Finally finding Joy in Christmas.  Found Joy in being with friends, wrapping presents, decorations (leaving the tree up 3 days after Christmas), spiritual aspects and gaining a deeper joy in the Savior's birth.

7.  Got a new phone.  Haleluja!!  It is a Mytouch 4G.  Brian and I can sync our calendars, our lives, and to do lists.  The little peace of technology is a pure miracle in my life.

8.  I earned my second YW's medallion. 

9.  I read the Book of Mormon 3 times in 90 days.

10.  I feel that my personal relationships within my family are getting better.  I am hoping that it will get even better with my mom, dad and sister in 2011.

I was once told that what you do on the first day of the year determines the rest of the year.  So here is what I did on 1/1/11.  That was really cool to type.

I got up early and went and worked out.  I lifted weights and hit the stairmaster.  I came home and ate my berry smoothie.  I showered and picked Kristen up to go shopping at Dillards for their 30-70% off sale.  At  the sale, I bought Shaeler 3 dresses that I am hoping are more her style, 2 shirts and 2 tutus.  For myself I bought a pink scarf, new nylons for church and temple, a black shirt and a scarf for Kristen for her birthday.    I came home and ate lunch and then 18 pages in the Book of Mormon and then 10 pages of Jesus the Christ.  When Brian and Shae got home, I took a nap and then we headed over to Chad and Ann's house for a friend party.

We arrived and the Boulton's showed up just a few minutes after us.  I congratulated Katie on the news of their pregnancy announcement.  We ate Papa Murphy's pizza, cookies, brownies, vegetables, chips and dip, and M&M's.  We spent the night playing games such as Bananagrams, Imagine If and Scategories.  We came home in the freezing cold temperature of 8 degrees at 10:00 at night. 

Not bad for the first day.  How wonderful life would be if everyday was like this.  Workout, shopping, reading, napping and then hanging out with friends.  Haven't had any bad inspirations for 2011, so I am looking forward to see what the year brings.

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