Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Woes!

It's Sunday morning at 7:45 am and I have been up since 6:15. My daughter came into the room and told me that she feels like she is going to throw up and her throat hurts.

"Oh great!" My mind immediately becomes angry as I reflect back to yesterday as I caught her playing outside with wet hair and no coat on. I just wish it wasn't this Sunday that I have to deal with this.

My husband and I are scheduled to visit another ward and of course it has to be the 9:00 am block. So, my original plans of taking Shae over to a friends house has been thwarted because who wants to take someone elses sick child?

As I sit here thinking of what my options are and waiting for 8:00 to come so I can start making phone calls, my mind is drifting to one of the sisters that I VT this week.

She is struggling right now. Her husband has lost his job, she was in a car accident a few weeks ago and when I saw her last Friday, her purse had been stolen out of her car. They left the garage door open during the night.

As I sat and listened to her pour her heart out, she cried as she told me about her new found friend who is teaching her sign language. She moved here from California and is very sick but wants to live in Utah. This deaf woman and my friend have found each other to comfort each other through their trials. Are they solving each other's problems, no. But they are there for each other and lifting each others spirits by loving each other. I am so happy for my friend that she has found this angel in her life.

My heart is full as I think about these two women who are facing some nasty trials in their lives. Somehow, my little Sunday morning woe seems to be but a minor hiccup to what could be an incredible day. If there's a will, then there's a way. Have a wonderful Sabbath Day!

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